The story is made from a bunch of autobiographical sketches by Hoffmann who is the hero of this night. directed by Henning Kasten recording engineer: Peter Hecker audio producer: Caroline Siegers


Late nineties. Two vietnamese sisters escape from Czech Republic to Germany trying to find their mother. The older one knows that there are cristals in the jacket of the younger one, to pay the human trafficker. In order to protect her younger sister, she makes up a story that the cristals are not Crystal Meth,… EXCALIBUR CITY (2020) weiterlesen

RIVALEN (2019)

When his grandmother dies there is nobody to take care of 9 years old Roman. Hidden in a truck, he sets out for his mother in Germany. She has left two years ago to work as a caretaker in an elderly couple’s home. He finds his mother in a relationship with her employer. Roman is… RIVALEN (2019) weiterlesen